Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A New Start

With the start of the school year, OneBook CRC begins reading a new text entitled The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Have you had a chance to read it yet?

In support of this fun, enriching campus-wide activity the CRC Hawks Nest Bookstore is offering a $4.00 off coupon through their website at http://www.crc.losrios.edu/Documents/bookstore/One%20Book%20Coupon-Web%20Image.pdf .  

Please consider posting it to D2L or your class website for students to access.

In addition to promoting reading, OneBook CRC will be hosting a series of exciting activities from across a broad range of disciplines to support learning outside the classroom. For example, CRC Biology Professor Eric Neff will be hosting a series of monthly informal talks entitled Science in the Cafeteria, and the Social Responsibility Committee will be hosting a film series based on the themes and topics presented in the book. 

Another event associated with OneBook includes a lecture on bioethics by CRC Philosophy Professor Rick Schubert on Wednesday, September 12 at 12:00pm. Be sure to put this on your calendar!

If you would like to learn more about this project, or if you would like to steer students toward OneBook we have a variety of ways to access information:

If you are inspired by the ideas presented here, then OneBook CRC wants to hear from you! Do you have ideas for activities or events associated with the reading of the text? Do you know someone outside of campus who is an expert on one of the book's themes? Or are you someone who wants to be part of the exciting action of learning beyond the classroom and the promotion of community at CRC? Contact us at any of the venues listed above and we will be sure to get you plugged into the action!

Of course, this project would not be possible without the support of key individuals who have helped shepherd it to this point including Debbie Travis, Ginny McReynolds, Ken Cooper, Emily Bond, Amanda Paskey, Emmanuel Sigauke, Rhonda Farley, Alex Casareno, AnnMarie Beasley, Amber Foreman and all of the wonderful staff in Duplicating Services! It's because of you that CRC is a great place to work and learn.